SANDBOXIE 2017-2018 Latest Version Full Free Download

SANDBOXIE 2017-2018 Latest Version Full Free Download


The latest on offer in the line of application virtualization software operating on proprietary sandbox models is Sandboxie 5.14. This powerful software enables users to execute programs in an isolated manner by using a minor portion of the storage available on the hard disk.This restricts any of the application’s data from interfering with the system’s main directories and cause potential damage to the operating system. This is possible through multiple sandboxes that operate at once and create isolated partitions of data for executing suspicious applications and programs.Working on a model similar to the quarantine, the software prevents any download and installation of data from malicious applications.


The software operates using a very simple user interface that is accessible to most users. Owing to the simplicity, the operations and processes of the software blend in perfectly with the operating system’s interface enabling seamless operation and execution of applications. On a similar note, the installation process of the software is easy to follow and clear without any loopholes or additional installations. Once installed, the software automatically scans through your programs and determines a list of programs that facilitate Sandboxie’s operations.However, it is recommended to leave the programs in the list, as certain antivirus programs could block the software and restrict its functionality.


  • Sandbox offers an isolated environment for execution of suspicious applications
  • Ideal for testing applications downloaded from untrusted sources
  • Restricts storage of files in the system’s main registry
  • Ability to execute applications in virtual partitions of storage space of Windows
  • Restricts the installation of malicious files
  • Scans through data from malicious files and monitors through sandbox
  • The software serves as the ideal alternative to other complicated VM managers
  • Support for almost all versions of Windows including Windows 7, 8, and 10

Main Pros and ConsSANDBOXIE


  • The software name as Sandboxie 5.14 Crack adds the element of privacy to internet access by restricting all data downloaded from the internet to the sandbox. For example, all of your temporary files are kept away from the main directories.
  • It saves storage space, as the data in a sandbox is temporarily store and can be delete.
  • With sandbox available for browsers, the system is secure from broken or virus-infect files that are download over the internet.


  • When a few Microsoft Office file is running in the sandbox, the only way to save a file is to close the document that is very inconvenient for the user.

Most Common Users: Novice users of the software may not benefit from the software as the configuration settings are complicate.



SANDBOXIE 2017-2018 Latest Version Full Free Download